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Lern 2 Spel B4 I Going 2 Cr8zy

For the love of all that is precious and dear, why is it so hard to use proper spelling and grammar!?  Is the reality of Idiocracy coming to pass 500 years too soon?  This is 2018! As a member of several “virtual garage” sale and swap pages on Facebook, it SLAYS me to keep my itching fingers still when nine out of ten posts are filled with misspellings, misused words and horrid grammar! Am I right in thinking I would not be helping to correct these people? I have the best intentions to learn ’em something new and hope that it sticks but I have a feeling I’ll just be booted out for bullying or something.
It lit-erally makes me CRAZY!

Someone, just now, was talking about how much they loved the sight and they are so glad they found it.
**I love my sight too. I’m not sure where I’d be without it, but I’m glad you found yours, though I’m not sure how you found it on the interweb or how that helped you plan your wedding.

First Weekend 2015

Nate had this weekend off, a first since the middle of November. It was really nice to have him home and not be on my own all day. When working full time, a weekend is not long enough to get everything that needs to be done competed and still feel like adequate time is spent with baby. Plus, Everett is exhausting all on one’s own. We didn’t end up getting our act together to really get anything done on Saturday but made a trip to Burlington on Sunday. We needed some staples at Costco and had a couple other errands to run. It snowed a few inches Saturday night so there was some shoveling to do before we could leave. Everett “helped” Nate and was happy to be out in the snow (despite the fact it was raining at the time).  Everett came in and had some lunch and then it was time to get ready to go. Nate had to wrestle him to get his shoes on. It was an image I wish I had captured. Everett pinned to the floor on his back. His arms spread out wide under Nate’s legs, his one foot wedged under Nate’s arm. E didn’t seem to mind too much yet continued to flail as much as he could. He certainly demands his independence!
I’m home with him today. He felt really warm this morning and as I was taking his temp, he threw up all over us. Mmmm. Glad I hadn’t eaten yet. So no school/work for the two of us today. Hoping he feels better tomorrow but really not too disappointed to miss work. It’s also freezing cold and I was stressing about what to wear to work and keeping the house warm.
While it’s been a challenge these last few months, figuring out how to be a parent now that it consists of more discipline, teaching and actual development of personhood then the basics of making sure he’s happy, healthy and safe. Lots of reading about parenting styles ahead of me. {Suggestions?? Let me know!!} The tools in my toolbox aren’t equipped to make it all up at this stage. I know there will always be new situations that will be difficult to navigate but there is a foundation yet to be built. Without one, we’re in troubled waters. Despite the challenges, I would much prefer to spend the majority of my time home with him. I feel I can better serve us at home, cooking, keeping the house minimally disaster free and working to develop both of our selves as parental unit and growing human. Don’t misinterpret that to mean I don’t want to have a life outside of the home (aka career development), I just know now that I don’t know how I can or want to balance those two worlds.
Do you stay home with your littles? How did you come to the decision? Do you miss working outside the home?